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June 12, 2012
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Name: Viona Futuro

Nicknames: Vi

Age: 23

D.O.B: October, 10th of 1891

Place of Birth: South City, Amestris

Residence: South City, Amestris


-1911 working at the Mr Dominic's automail shop with her brother at Rush Valley
-1913 assistant at the Devil's Nest bar at Dudlith
-1921 open a small coffee shop at Dudlith


-Studied from 1st class to 1st Universe knowledge ( her family have a good  way of educational)

Zodiac: Libra

Ethnicity: 25% Xingese, 75% Amestris


Height: 1 , 62 cm (5.3 ft)

Color: dark blue, almost black
Hair length: to middle of the back, straight hair, two side bang

Eyes: brown almost yellow

Skin: Xingese, alittle pale

Body type: Pear shape, small chest, round waist, round butt

Style: Elegant, neat, she likes dark colors ( most is dark blue and black ), she wear clothes depend on the situation of the job


> Sander Viette Futuro (father) (1859 - 1911)
Used to be a colonel but has discharged because he didn't want to continute serving the military. He's a famous artist, his arts and great drawing talent was the main economic resources for the family. Beside, he's also the one who supported the foods for the poor people of South City.

> Mari Fututo (mother) (1862 - 1911)
A considerate and strict woman, she's manage the Futuro's family as a smart home maker.

> Akviss Futuro (brother) (1888)
Sander and Mari first son, working at Garfield automail shop with Viona at 1911, 1923 married Winry Rockbell and continute his father work as a helper for charity.

> Diana Futuro (aunt) (1871 - 1911)
Mari's sister, was a nurse worked for a charity hospital.

> Saron Tim (uncle) (? - 1911)
Diana's husband, owner of a motel in the South.

> Harry Tim (cousin) (1899 - 1911)
Saron and Diana's son.

Closer relatives:

> The Devil's Nest's people
They were like her second family when she's moved to work at Dudlith.

> Mr. Dominic's family ( Dominic, Ridel, Satera, Painya )
Closest friends of the Futuro's family, helped the Fututo sibling when they were losted the family.

> Winry Rockbell
Sister in-laws in 1923 when Akviss married Winry.

> Tanya Le
Old neighborhood, Viona and Tanya close like sisters. Working same place at 1914.



A gentle, shy and super sensitive girl, she was born to be act like a lady but destiny not allow her to. She knows her place in every situations. Hard working girl, have weak health (her hypertension), very focus on every works. Also a selfish person but she's not showing it outside, just see like, when she loves someone or something, she'll never want to share , because the past made her, when she's lost her family, she feel like she can't keep even the thing she loves the most, so after that she don't want to give anybody the things she loves because she scares to loose them. Love her borther the most in the world. Lest talking and quiet, she don't have many words to say to a person, she wants to act more than tell them. She can only be herslef when she's with her brother and her love. People says she a taciturn girl, but the real her is very an open person, just because she want to act inappropriate. She has a habit to act older than her age, the outlooks made her too young. She's curiou at everything.


» Coffee & tea
» Spice
» Cherry's smell
» Family
» Drawing ( has a little talent from her father)
» Classical music


» Oil odor
» Noisy place
» Cramp
» Telling behind people's back ( "rude people" she would say )


- Cats
- Hated
Her biggest fear is to see her family all loose before her eyes and she can't do anything but witness, she has seen that fear for twice.

- Spend times with her brother
- Serving
- Collection teas  and stamps


- Build again the Futuro's family and become the mistress of a bussiness place named futuro


- Too sensitive
- Too weakheart
- Depend so much on her brother
- Too quiet, her biggest weakness, people just can't understand what she really want or need if she not tell
- Can be easy to trust a person


» Knownledge
- She has a very good knowledge on almost everything related to bussiness 'cause her father also work like a bussiness man.
» Effective in working
- She has a pretty good focus mind on works, she work really fast and effective, although her weak health.
» Listen and share
- Is a very good place for every people to talk with, she's know for everyone.

Fun facts:

- Usually have a words "Uh" before every questions.
- Her face turn all red when she's scare something.
- She will wet all her face if she see a cat.
- A night person, she do thing faster in the dark (?)

Back story summary:

Viona was born in a happy and proud family, full of kindness father, great mother and generous cousins. The Futuro family was known as a place to "Resurrection almost dead people". Viona has been taught to act like a pure Amestris lady, tender and elegant.Unfortunately, in 1911 when she's 20, the battle of the South have been occurred, and the village where Viona was living at the middle of the war. Her house and some relative house near by have been bombed very serious, all her family dead in the battle bomber, except her and her brother, they hid under the table. After the battle, gendarmes have sent the survivals to district-sponsored war victims. Viona and her brother stayed there until Ridel ( Mr.Dominic's son) came and took them to his place at Rush Valley.

At Rush Valley, Viona's started to work , it's really hard because she inherently a rich lady, but luckily, she has a good and fast working ability. She and her brother try to save the money to build again the proud Futuro family, it's their goal. She's worked here until 1913 when her health starting to weak because she got a hypertension, she can't do hard work, but live here at rush Valley always work with automail and tough thing, she discussed with her brother to let her fine another job down the South, she couldn't let her brother to take care of her all the time like this. Moved down to Dudlith, the nearest place from Rush Valley with the South, it's another challenging because the people here said they don't hire her because of her pale face, they don't want to have sick people in their works. Then, when she walked along Dudlith, she saw a note said looking for helper at the Devil's nest bar, she's took the note and went straight to the bar. At first she was like scare of the people around here, they were too rude, but this is the only place left she can find for a job. She was hired, they didn't care if she's sick or not, if only she could work, they will hire her. She has started to work at the Devil's Nest bar at that time.

When she was working at the bar, she's warm up the cold people here and gave them some reasons to live, when she came, there haven't had the chimera people, after 9 month, Greed has brought home some people from the Laboratory 5 (which have been like experiments), Greed saved them and let them live here in the bar like his assistant. Viona was 22 at this time and here, she met Dolcetto (Dorochet), they have warm up to each other and have started their relationship in 1914.

In near winter of 1914, when she and the bar were normaly work, she don't really know about Greed or the job of the chimera guys, so she's also don't know the reason why they kinapped Alphonse Elric. The hall day was very strange to her, then when she saw the military came, she was tottaly surprised. Dolcetto has quickly hide her into the safe place and told her not to come out, she's completely don't know what happened after that. Then a few hours when the military have gone, she's coming out and find. She was shocked to see many of the people dead. She's tried to find survivals, but there's no one. When she was going along the tunnel, she saw Roa's dead, and a piece of Dolcetto's outshirt with his sword, all over in the blood. At that time, Viona once agin saw her family died before her eyes.

After what happened, she came to hire a room from a motel at Dudlith with her neighbor sister Tanya (they have worked with each other) until Akviss came to pick her up, she came back to Rush Valley, actually the place Akviss were working with Winry – the Garfield automail shop.

In 1921 she's opened a small coffee shop at Dudlith named Futuro, complete her dream to bulid the Futuro's clan, and being the mistress. She's not married, she lived like a young widow but still happy.
I've finally done, OMG this really took me forever 'cause the damn electronic, I've written this for the 4th time !!!!!!

If there's any mistakes on the grammar please tell me, I'll fix it !
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